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June 10, 2016
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July 7, 2016
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Celebrate Thirty-Nine Years Of Racquet Round-Up With Zach Jenkins

Racquet Round Up 2016 has officially ended but the memories that were formed this summer would never be forgotten. Former Racquet Round Up participant Zach Jenkins, 37, can agree as he watched his three children participant in this year’s clinic. Jenkins has always called Pensacola home. Growing up in Cordova Park right next to Roger Scott Tennis Center, Racquet Round Up was an annual event that he and his friends looked forward to attending every summer. Jenkins stated, “I remember my friends and I would look through the bushes outside Roger Scott and fill our pockets with tennis balls. We’d use those the rest of the summer and play games…”

Even though Jenkins never went on to play tennis competitively, it became one of his favorite summertime activities when he was younger and now has become one of his kids’ favorite activities. Jenkins children raved about their experience at this year’s clinic and have carried their enthusiasm to their local tennis courts to practice their tennis skills. Due to the positive experience and Jenkins fond memories, he is considering further lessons for his children and perhaps even joining them in a league.

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