Pensacola Futures Championship

Cancelled For 2020

At Pensacola Sports, we pride ourselves in hosting events that reward the significant accomplishments of all our participants while supporting our hospitality community. With that in mind, we’ve also made the safety of all our events a top priority.

After much discussion with municipal leaders and our Pensacola Sports leadership, we feel it’s our social and moral responsibility to contribute to the COVID-19 solution and will adhere to the CDC’s updated guidance for canceling mass events for the next eight weeks.

Like so many other events, businesses and individuals, this decision is one that is extremely difficult, but ultimately places the health and safety of individuals in our community, state and country above all else.

With those thoughts in mind, the Pensacola Futures Championship has been cancelled for 2020. For more information on USTA Events, please visit

Thank you for your understanding.